Ways To Improve Employee Wellness In Small Business

Ways To Improve Employee Wellness In Small Business

A great way to bring success to your business is by improving the general wellbeing of those who keep your company running. One such way – lifestyle interventions in small businesses- can improve employee wellbeing initiatives and productivity, as well as lower recruitment and hiring costs. With the progress that AI has been making since 2016, there are now several different software solutions for coaches and managers to choose from when implementing wellness into their practices. Fast forward 10 years from now? If software is made smart enough – it will be able to think through which ways you could implement a wellness program on its own, without you needing

Benefits of Employee Wellbeing

The benefits of employee wellbeing in small businesses have been drawn out by many resources, but there are a number of ways that an entrepreneur can implement tools for an individual or group of people. One is to consider providing opportunities for employees to make their work more meaningful. For instance, taking on a mentor role can allow someone who otherwise might be feeling burnt-out to learn and grow. Another consideration could be participating in outdoor activities with co-workers. The amount of healthy activities company-wide will depend on the size, expertise, and interests of the business.

Differences between Healthy Employee Wellbeing and Psychosocial Resources

A small business can differentiate between healthy well-being and psychosocial resources because of the different concerns. Healthy employee wellbeing is concerned with the physical, mental, and interpersonal aspects of the employees. These include addressing the physical needs for an untiring workforce through massages, pedometers, exercise sessions and more. Psychosocial resources take into account a company’s culture and how it contributes to well-being. This includes creating a strong brand identity that reignites engagement with their employees to reduce stress.

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Considerations when beginning an employee wellbeing campaign

When starting a new employee wellbeing campaign, it is important to consider how small businesses can use such a program effectively. In some cases, the ultimate goals of the program might be too complicated for the size or framework of your company. When beginning an employee wellness campaign, make sure to be realistic about what it can accomplish. Products in stores or co-workers that are feeling cool and comfortable tend to lead to happier employees.

Ways to Increase Focus When Working in Conflict Handling: Interviewing

Conflict is inevitable and most companies have employees who handle conflict effectively. However, not everyone handles conflict well. One way to identify employees who handle conflict poorly is through an interview with that person. At the end of an interview like this, try to ask them how they can improve their focus during a workday when there’s conflict. This asks what action they would take to show that they are focused on their work rather than on the opposing party during an argument or meeting.


workplace wellbeing initiatives is important for people, and small businesses have a way to help improve the well-being of their employees by implementing policies that focus on physical activity and wellness. Some ways that small businesses can make this happen is by having comfortable work chairs in the workplace, more options for exercise-free days, and more meal choices that are healthy@2

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