5 Common Myths About Scrap Metal Recycling and How to Refute Them

If you’re recycling metal, you’ve undoubtedly heard all of the myths about it. And, if you’re not recycling metal, you might be hearing them too! It’s time to bust 5 of the most common scrap metal recycling myths and set the record straight. 

Not only is recycling metal environmentally responsible and economically sensible, but it can also help reduce the demand for metal products and create new jobs in the process! Let’s start by debunking the dangerous metal recycling myths. 

Learn about recycling metal’s top benefits and how to come up with ideas for recycling metal products at home.


Myth 1 – Scrap Metal Recycling is Dangerous

Many people believe that scrap metal recycling is dangerous, but this is not the case. In fact, scrap metal recycling is one of the most environmentally-friendly ways to handle the metal waste. Not to mention, it’s one of the safest jobs you can take on. 

According to the EPA, scrap metal recycling does not pose a threat to the environment or human health.

Furthermore, scrap metal recycling Melbourne is considered an occupational safety and health hazard-free zone by OSHA. 

So, if you’re still worried about the safety of scrap metal recycling, don’t be. The truth is, it’s actually very safe.


Myth 2 – Recycling Metal Isn’t Economical

There are a lot of myths surrounding scrap metal recycling, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth doing. In fact, recycling metal can actually be quite economical. 

The key is to find the right company to do the recycling for you. Many people are under the impression that recycling metal leads to pollution and contamination of land and water – this isn’t always true. 

In fact, by reusing old metal, you’re not only helping the environment but also creating jobs in the process. By knowing the facts about scrap metal recycling, you can make an informed decision about whether or not it’s a good option for you.


Myth 3 – Bigger Scrap Pieces Sell for Bigger Prices

Scrap metal recycling is a big business, and it’s important to be up-to-date on the latest scrap metal recycling myths. One of the most common myths is that bigger scrap pieces sell for more money. This is not always the case. 

In fact, the condition and type of metal scrap are more important than the size of the scrap piece. For example, copper and aluminium scrap pieces are worth more than iron scrap pieces because they are rarer and have more value. 

Contrary to popular belief, bigger scrap pieces don’t always sell for more money. It’s important to learn about different types of metals and their values so you can properly price your metal scraps for sale!

Myth 4 – Landfills Can Just Take My Scraps

When it comes to recycling, it’s important to be well informed. Some myths about scrap metal recycling and how to refute them include the belief that landfills can just take your scrap metal and that it would add to the mountains of waste in the landfill. 

The truth is that recycling metal helps reduce environmental pollution from metals being thrown away improperly. By sorting through your scraps, you can help reduce the number of metals that end up in landfill. 

In addition to recycling metals, there are many different recycling options available for aluminium and copper. So, don’t wait – get educated and start making sound recycling decisions today!


Myth 5 – Scrap Metal Isn’t in Demand

When it comes to scrap metal recycling, there are many myths out there that need to be debunked. One of the most common is that scrap metal isn’t in high demand. In fact, contrary to popular belief, there is a lot of scrap metal available that is in good condition. This is because it is recycled properly. 

The misconception comes from the fact that not all metals are recycled this way. In addition, scrap metal is in high demand because it is a versatile resource that can be used for many purposes. By refuting the myths about scrap metal recycling, you can help increase its popularity and help ensure that metals are recycled properly.



Scrap metal recycling is a process that can help rid our planet of harmful metal waste. By recycling metal, we are not only helping to reduce the amount of metal waste going into landfills, but we are also creating jobs and contributing to the economy. 

In addition to refuting the myths listed above, this blog also provides helpful tips on how to make recycling easier for you and your business. So, whether you’re new to scrap metal recycling or have been doing it for years, make sure to check out this blog for more helpful information.

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