Efficient And Quicker Ways For Keyword Research That You Must Be Aware Of

The internet is a massive place in the world of SEO Adelaide industry. With millions of websites and billions of pages, it’s easy to get lost in the clutter. And that’s why you need a focused plan for your keyword research. 

Keywords are the words and phrases that people use when searching the internet. If your website is about, say, cat food, then you want to make sure that your site appears when someone searches for “cat food.”

Always prefer Quantity vs. quality

When it comes to SEO adelaide keyword research, always prefer quantity over quality. If you are doing this properly, you will have a list of keywords that cover the entire spectrum from short-tail to long-tail and everything in between. 

This is because the intent for these phrases changes based on their length and other factors like query type (i.e., questions vs. information).

Now that we have an arsenal of keywords at our disposal, we need to prioritize them so we can quickly find what’s working and what isn’t with our PPC campaigns. To do this, start by looking at the data: how many clicks did each keyword get? 

How much traffic did those clicks generate? Compare these numbers against the amount of money spent on those terms; if there are any outliers, investigate why they’re not performing as well as others before making any adjustments

After prioritizing your high-performing keywords, move onto measuring their effectiveness by looking at two metrics: Quality Score & Conversion Rate.

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Removing automation

You’ve been using automated keyword research tools for years. But today, I’m going to tell you that you should stop.

These tools are great for getting a quick overview of what people are searching for, but they don’t show you enough of what matters: the actual words and phrases people use when they search.

 If all you’re looking at is volume, then it’s easy to miss how much this metric can be skewed by irrelevant terms or general trends in the market.

For example: if your product is selling well right now and everyone’s buying it on Amazon, then any keywords related to “buying” will suddenly become very high-volume searches (even if they aren’t really relevant). That doesn’t mean that those are good keyword ideas! What we need instead is more specific information about what people want—and that means listening carefully as opposed to just counting up word counts alone .

The wrong metrics

It can be just as misleading. If you’re looking at keyword rankings, then a high volume of searches doesn’t necessarily translate into high overall traffic (or sales). It’s important to look at both metrics together when analysing your keywords—especially if you’re trying to determine how many people are searching for what you offer.

  • The wrong metrics to look at when doing keyword research
  • Why you should use the right metrics


Too often, research is done in an automated way. But automation will always have limitations. When you are looking for the best keywords for your business or product, make sure that you don’t rely solely on automated tools. Instead, keep it simple and use the tools that can help you do better keyword research with less effort.

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