Overseat Storage Systems For The Toyota Prado 150 Series

The Toyota Prado 150 Series Overseat Storage Systems are designed to be installed in the rear of your Toyota Prado 150 Series. These overseat storage systems have been built using a durable, corrosion resistant material and feature a single lid which lifts up to reveal two separate compartments – one large, one small. if you are planning for DIY 4×4 drawer systems then keep on reading the blog till end!

Low Profile Overseat

If you are looking to add DIY 4×4 drawer systems to the rear of your vehicle, the Low Profile Overseas is just what you need. This model can be used as a workspace, storage space and even extra seating. It’s perfect for those who travel with dogs or need more room for other items they might want to store in their Prado.

DIY 4x4 drawer systems

Base Unit Overseat

The Base Unit Overseat is the perfect way to store your gear in the back of your Prado. It’s easy to install and simple to use, thanks to its locking system and movable dividers. The unit can be used in conjunction with other overseat products, including the Hi-Lift Jack Holder (available separately) and Double Bowl Cooler (available separately).

The base unit has been designed to fit all vehicles with or without a roof rack. It features two heavy duty hinges that allow you to access all four compartments from either side of your vehicle, plus a universal mounting bracket that will fit most roof racks so you can quickly remove it when not needed.

Touring Unit – Third row of seats removed

The third row of seats can be removed and stored in the boot or under the bonnet. The boot can also be used to store up to three sets of golf clubs and six pairs of shoes.

These DIY 4×4 drawer systems can add a significant amount of space.

The Toyota Prado 150 series Overseat Storage Systems are a great solution to add space to your vehicle. The drawer has been designed so that it can be fitted quickly and easily, with no drilling required.

With this system, you can add up to 1m of storage space behind the front seats. This means you can put away all those loose items that tend to get in the way of driving or even take them out of the car altogether!


The Toyota Prado 150 Series Overseat Storage Systems are a great way to add more storage space in your vehicle. The Low Profile Overseat is designed to fit almost any 4×4 and can be installed by the owner, while the Base Unit Overseats give you even more storage options. 

If you want an even larger unit that can carry up to three people at once, then we recommend our Touring Unit which will free up room in back seats so passengers don’t have to sit on their lap all day long!

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