Why Should You Use Crash Mats to Safely Improve Your Tumbling and flips?

Crash Mat

What’s the point of having great equipment, high-quality training and a supportive team if you can’t take your skills to the next level? If you look past the surface, most people might not think that tumbling is much of a challenge. After all, it’s just a bunch of pretty dancing bodies falling over each other. But believe it or not, tumbling is actually quite demanding. It requires a lot of core strength, balance and coordination. In fact, it’s so challenging that many elite skiers and snowboarders will practice multiple days per week until their muscles are sore because they know that one bad fall will be the end of their competitive career. With all this in mind, it makes perfect sense to use tumbling as part of your fitness program – especially when you understand how effective crash mats can be at safely improving your skills. Let’s take a look at why you should use crash mats to safely improve your tumbles:

Crash Mat

  • Prevents injuries.

One of the most common questions we receive from new and experienced skiers/cross-country skiers is “How can I prevent injuries on the trail?” The best way to prevent against injuries is to warm up adequately, stay hydrated, and use your best judgment when going downhill. Before you start your downhill run, do some slow, easy stretches and Hop, Skip, and Jog (HJ) your way up to full speed.

  • Improves your tumbling and flipping skills.

When you’re ready to bring your skills to the next level, you need to practice these skills on harder terrain. That’s where crash mats come in. A crash mat is just a large, luxurious floor covering that absorbs impact when you fall on it. The best crash mats are made of durable, flexible rubber and will absorb sound and shock, keeping you safe from injury.

  • Reduces the risk of getting injured during practice.

Because crash mat reduce the amount of force involved in a fall, they also reduce the risk of injury. This is because you’re preventing yourself from doing harm by reducing the force of your impact with the mat. If you go down too hard on a regular floor mat, you might tear a muscle or get a concussion, but it’s much easier to avoid with a crash mat. You also have less control when you’re using a crash mat, which is why it’s really important to get comfortable using it before you tackle a real challenge.

Crash Mat

  • Helps you learn new tricks safely.

When you use a crash mat, you’re more likely to learn new tricks because you’re less likely to fall on your own body while performing them. When you’re out on the hill, you might be afraid to try new steps because you don’t want to fall and injuring yourself. But with a crash mat, you can take your time and test out new steps and tricks safely, before you perform them for real.

  • Provides peace of mind.

When you use a crash mat, even if you don’t fall, you’re still protecting yourself from potential injury. You’re preventing yourself from doing harm by having a safer experience on the hill. Using a crash mat also prevents you from learning “the hard way” since you’ll never be taught how to properly use a crash mat by mistake.

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re brand new to the sport or a veteran, using crash mats to safely improve your skills can really help improve your confidence and promote better attitude on the hill. They also help you stay focused on your practice and avoid distractions that can cause you to make mistakes on the hill. Plus, they sound so cozy lying on the ground with a whole group of happy skiers/cross-country skiers!

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