Things you should know about Parquet Flooring


What is Parquet Flooring?

Parquet is originally a French word that means ‘a small compartment’. This has more things to offer than regular flooring, and it serves to provide modern, rustic, and other floorings because of its versatility. Parquet wooden flooring has been the symbol of the status of rich and famous people all around the world for centuries. Some of the properties of this type of parquet wooden flooring include an excellent thermal property to keep the house warm even during the cold winter months. Also, contrary to the belief of many people, it is not expensive. On the other hand, this form of flooring will reduce construction costs. Since it is available in many patterns and wood, from aged to oak and chevron to tiles flooring, you can choose one of your preferences and install the flooring according to your budget.

Parquet flooring is one of the most common and most sought-after types of flooring. It is the type of flooring in which small slats for different kinds of wood are arranged in small, distinct, and repeating patterns. This type of parquetry is very much in use and makes the house look elegant. It is not only used in homes of people but various hotels, restaurants, museums, etc. It adds to the beauty of the place. Traditional parquet floors were placed one piece at a time, whereas the modern parquet is available in the form of wood slats bonded to a backing material. This kind of tile flooring is glued or stapled to the subfloor. Parquet tiles come in a few standard sizes, such as 9 by 9, 12 by 12, and 19 by 19 inches. The total thickness of tiles usually ranges from 5/16 inches to 3/4 inches. Parquet tiles generally include a mesh backing of paper, cloth, or plastic stitched with a thin metal or plastic skeleton. The hardwood top layer is most commonly oak but may also be another kind of hardwood such as maple, walnut, and other popular hardwood species.

What are the benefits of installing parquet wooden flooring?

  • Appealing- This type of wooden flooring is stunning and appealing to all. It can give you any look you wish for, be it a classic or modern look. It has been used in many of the grandest places all around the world.
  • Unique- This kind of flooring is remarkable given the pattern and the texture of the woods used. Each tile truly is unique. The materials of the parquet flooring are combined and then cut before installation. You have the flexibility to customize the patterns, materials, grains, and colouring of parquet flooring, making no two rooms alike.
  • Non-allergic- Unlike carpets and rugs, which can attract dust, and allergens, parquet flooring has no place for these unwelcomed guests. Hence, it is the best choice for families with young children saving them from developing allergies.
  • Very Stable- Parquet flooring is generally more stable than traditional wood flooring because it comprises three layers of woodcut at 90-degree angles. This helps in reducing the movement of the wood.
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