Lease cleaning mistakes to avoid on strict note

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In general, cleaning is neither difficult nor that much expensive but it can lead to many home issues if cleaning is not done on a regular basis. If you are a resident and want to please the landlord when you move, avoid cleaning mistakes to prevent issues. It is important to focus on areas from permanent dirt on carpets, worn furniture, dirty surfaces, and even damaged equipment. If you have been doing mistakes unknowingly, then take advice from Lease cleaning Adelaide professionals today. Go on reading the blog till the end to avoid mistakes in future!

  • Do not clean the fan and filter: The invisible parts of the properties such as the fan and filter are forgotten. They can get very dirty during their tenure. If you do not clean the filter, it can become clogged and easily damage the entire system. 
  • Don’t Clean the Dishwasher: The dishwasher is another household appliance often used in kitchens that we tend to forget to clean. The most important thing to note is the dishwasher filter. 
  • Spraying directly on the surface: Spraying the cleaner directly on the countertop or furniture can cause the product to accumulate on the surface and make cleaning difficult. It can also attract more dust. This can cause the surface to become greasy and sticky. To avoid this, spray the cloth with detergent instead of the surface to be cleaned. 

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  • Do not clean the cookware hood filter regularly: When it comes to regular cleaning, the cookware hood is often ignored. If you cook frequently, use it often. The range hood filter may be clogged with dirt or grease. Read the manufacturer’s instructions and learn how to clean it. 
  • Don’t test carpet detergent: If your carpet has stains that you didn’t find or treat immediately, look for a strong professional carpet cleaner. Always read the labels carefully before you go for buying any new product as some products may not be suitable for all carpets. However, applying the detergent directly to the stain without testing small invisible areas is a big mistake. After all, it can do even more damage to your carpet. 
  • Don’t take mould problems lightly: Another big problem that needs to be resolved right away is mould in rental apartments. This can be caused by poor ventilation, it could ultimately lead to damp surfaces. The most common place where mould can appear is in the bathroom. Ensure you don’t miss cleaning below the bathroom tub. Shower screens and tiles are the areas that is more prone to germs and bacteria hence, it’s better to leave the door or window open after leaving the bathroom 


To keep the rental property clean, it is important to pay extra attention to the tasks and do it regularly to prevent unwanted issues. If you want to get your money back on your voucher, you need to make sure you leave your property in perfect condition. Calling a professional exit cleaning Adelaide service is always a good idea when you can’t get everything done. Ignoring it is by no means an option! Call us today for end of lease cleaning Adelaide prices and other information. 

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