Find The Dining Table Shape That Is Right For You

Find The Dining Table Shape That Is Right For You

If you are in the market for a hardwood dining table, you have likely noticed that there are several shapes to choose from. They all have their own unique aesthetic appeal and set of benefits, which is why we’ve put together this guide to help you make the right choice.


The round dining table is the most popular choice for a family because it has the capacity to seat the most people. A large hardwood dining table can comfortably seat six, but if you have more guests, it’s easy enough to pull up an additional chair or two.

Round tables are also convenient for entertaining at home, especially during holidays and special occasions when your family and friends gather around to enjoy each other’s company after eating. 

Because round tables are so versatile and can accommodate a wide range of sizes and shapes of chairs, they’re a perfect fit for any kind of event—from formal dinner parties to casual get-togethers with friends or coworkers. 

The circular shape makes them easy to pull up next to kitchen islands or even desks in offices!

Find The Dining Table Shape That Is Right For You


When it comes to the dining table shape that is right for you, square tables are a great option. Square tables allow you to create a formal dining room that can also be used for everyday meals. They are versatile and work well in smaller spaces. 

It will also be easy for everyone at the table to see each other without crushing their necks or moving around in their chairs too much.


Rectangular tables are the most common, especially for households with a large family. They take up a lot of space and can be used to fit many people around the table. 

Rectangular dining tables also work well for large gatherings of family or friends who want to sit down together and enjoy each other’s company over dinner or dessert. 

Rectangular tables are easy to decorate because they have four sides, so you can decorate them from all angles in order to make your dining room décor stand out even more!


If you’re looking for a table that works well in both formal and casual dining environments, oval tables are an excellent choice. Oval tables can be used in any room from your living room to the kitchen or even in your office. 

They make great dining room tables for larger families who like extra space for conversation and food at mealtime. It is also ideal for smaller spaces because it takes up less space than round or rectangular tables of equal size.

  • Oval shape makes it easier to seat multiple people on one side of the table or alternating sides
  • Makes sense if you have limited space
  • Oval shape makes it easier to seat large gatherings with ease.


Whether you’re looking for a round hardwood dining table or a rectangular one, these shapes can be found in many different sizes. If you need help finding the right size for your space, its better to have expert advice.

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