Defeating Winter Grime: Professional Carpet Cleaning Secrets Revealed

When winter hits, it can be hard to resist the temptation to hibernate. But when you do venture out into the cold, icy weather, you’ll want to stay clean and comfortable! 

Here are a few professional Melbourne carpet cleaning tips from the experts at Bona Clean that will help you keep your carpets looking their best all year long:

Understanding Winter Carpet Challenges

As you may have noticed, winter is the perfect time to clean your carpets. The cold weather and shorter days can make it difficult for you to spend a lot of time outside, so instead of being active or enjoying the outdoors, you might find yourself spending more time indoors than usual.

If this sounds like you; and especially if there are pets in your home, then it’s important that your carpets get cleaned on a regular basis. In addition to helping keep dirt from getting tracked through the house by shoes or paws, professional carpet cleaning will also remove stains.

But what makes winter particularly challenging when it comes to cleaning carpets? Here are some answers:

Secret 1: Be Sure to Pre-Treat Your Carpet

The first secret to a successful Melbourne carpet cleaning is to pre-treat your carpets. This means that before the actual cleaning process begins, you should use a product designed specifically for this purpose. The reason why it’s so important? Well…

Pre-treated stains will be easier to remove during the actual cleaning process because they’ve already been loosened up and made more accessible by the pre-treatment solution. 

Pre-treatment products often contain chemicals which help break down tough stains like grease, food particles, dirt and mud. 

Secret 2: Use a Good Carpet Cleaning Professional

The next time you need to clean your carpets, find a professional carpet cleaning company that uses the hot water extraction method. This is the most effective way to remove stains and dirt from your carpets. Ask for references and reviews from previous customers to see how they did their job in the past. 

You can also ask about their cleaning process, equipment and tools they use during their service call. Finally, ask about their chemicals used for carpet cleaning so that you’ll know if it’s safe for your family members who may be allergic to certain chemicals found in some products.

Secret 3: Professional equipment and tools

The right equipment makes the job easier and saves you time and money. It also enables you to get better results.

Professional carpet cleaning equipment includes a truck-mounted hot water extraction machine, which is capable of producing temperatures up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit (82 Celsius). This allows the technician to sanitise all types of carpets, including wool and synthetic fibres, without damaging them in any way. 

A professional-grade vacuum cleaner that has been specifically designed for deep cleaning is also included in this type of service plan so that all dirt particles are removed from your carpet fibres before they’re rinsed out by the hot water extraction process. 


It’s not hard to clean your carpets at home, but it is important that you do it correctly. If you want your carpet to look its best year-round and stay clean for longer, then call a professional Melbourne carpet cleaning company like ours today! 

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