Your Guide to Picking the Best Real Estate Agent for You

real estate agent

Selling your home, or leasing property are not simple undertakings. To ensure the process runs smoothly, and you get the most out of your investments, you need to have a trusted and reliable real estate agency to help you with the sale from start to finish. This isn’t an easy choice, there are many real estate agents available, and they are not all made equal.


An experienced Realtor will bring wisdom to the sales process, area-specific pricing accuracy, negotiations and more. The more experienced they are, the better the seller’s overall experience will be.

Good Communication

Sellers need their real estate agents to have effective communication skills. These skills must not only translate for them but also for other parties. Real estate agents will need to communicate with the buyer’s agent, title company, appraiser, examiner and more, so accurate communication is imperative.

Constant Availability

A seller should be able to contact their real estate agent at any possible time. The best agents are always available 24/7 to give their clients peace of mind when it’s most needed.

Understands Presentation

The best real estate agent take pride in recommending homes in the best possible way to get the best price for their seller’s home. The best ones can fit a seller’s budget if improvements are needed and will only make recommendations if there is an opportunity to increase a home’s value.

Negotiate the Top Deals

A seller’s real estate agent is their negotiator, so having someone with good bargaining skills will ensure the home is sold for the best price. The best agents won’t hesitate to walk away from a deal if it doesn’t benefit the seller, and they have unparalleled negotiation skills.

Tactical Marketing Plans

Realtors must sell themselves to effectively market the seller’s home. The internet is essential for homebuyers, so as a seller, having a home that’s easy to find online is essential. The best agents will develop strategic marketing plans for each seller to give their home as much exposure as possible.

Honesty Creates Better Relationships

Sellers need their real estate agent to be honest with them about issues they may face. This Is much better than being blindsided by an unexpected event later on.  The ideal real estate agent is always honest and transparent in everything they do, so you can foster a good working relationship with them.

Listing Homes for the Correct Price

Sometimes when selling, people think their home is priced too high, or too low. An experienced real estate agent knows what they’re doing. The price of the house should be based on real estate trends, recent sales, the area and other factors, rather than an emotional attachment.

Get the Best Out of Your Agent

Now that you’ve signed the agreement to enlist an agent’s services, you should expect to be in regular contact with each other as your property is advertised and sold. A fantastic agent will provide feedback on potential leads with buyers, as well as the success of marketing campaigns and the turnouts at open house inspections. Your agent should also be able to tweak their strategies as needs arise.

Now that you have the right knowledge, you can do what it takes to get the best price for your property and choose the best real estate agent possible. If you’re in the western suburbs, choose Established Properties, contact us  if you need Australia’s premier real estate agents..

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