How To Install A Car Audio System Perfectly?

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Do you want to get the most out of your car’s audio system? Are you tired of all those stock speakers that sound like a tin can? If so, then it’s time for an upgrade. You might think that car audio installation Adelaide would require extensive knowledge about wiring and electrical components, but it doesn’t have to be that hard.

 By following these simple steps, any average driver can install their own sound system without having to go through the hassle of paying someone else to do it for them:

Disconnect the Battery

You should disconnect the negative terminal first, followed by the positive terminal. When you’re removing your battery, be careful not to touch any of its terminals with your hands as it can cause a shock and damage your vehicle’s electrical system. 

Instead, use an adjustable wrench or ratchet to loosen up each terminal before removing them from their respective posts. Once you’ve disconnected the battery, take some time to inspect it for any signs of corrosion or other damage that could mean trouble for your new car audio system in the future. 

These signs include discoloration around the posts where they attach to each other and around their corresponding terminals (which is usually caused by electrolysis), bubbles forming on top of each post (a result of shorting out), and bulging at either end (known as bulging).

After removing the trim pieces, you’ll need to remove the dash. This will reveal the stereo and allow you to access it. In many cases, this is a simple process of removing bolts and clips and pulling out the center console.


Disconnect All Wires and Antenna Lead

  • Disconnect all the wires and the antenna lead.
  • The power cable is located near your headlight assembly.
  • The speaker wires are located in the front doors, rear doors and trunk lid.
  • The ground wire is connected to a metal part of your vehicle’s body with a screw or bolt. To disconnect it, loosen it and pull it out from its location on your car’s body.
  • Remove the battery terminal from your vehicle’s battery by turning off its main switch or disconnecting it from its socket using an insulated wrench or pliers (if needed).

Preparing for car audio installation isn’t hard if you know what to expect.

Preparing for car audio system installation Service is something that you should always do no matter what your level of experience is. 

Even if this is the first time you’re installing a car audio system and you know nothing about it, there are plenty of ways that you can still prepare yourself to do an excellent job. 

You don’t want to spend all afternoon being confused or frustrated because things aren’t working right and then need to call someone in because they forgot one thing or another.

  • Make sure your vehicle has an opening where the head unit goes;
  • Remove any existing wires from behind the dash so they won’t be in the way;
  • Replace any old wiring connections with new ones (if necessary);


We hope you’ve found our guide to car audio installation Adelaide helpful. From disconnecting the battery and removing trim pieces to connecting all wires, it really isn’t as hard as it sounds. 

Remember that if you have any questions about your own particular vehicle or equipment, always consult a professional before beginning any installation project!

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