Which Spill Kit Suits Your Workplace the Best

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Spill kits and Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinets are essential for any site that handles or stores hazardous liquids, including fuels, oils, solvents, and anything else that can contaminate a workplace and prove hazardous to humans or environmental health. They are especially critical for sites where primary containers such as tanks, IBC or drums are located outside of bunded areas.

Failure to have proper spill prevention on your site can put your workplace, your employees, and the environment at risk, which can cause you to be liable for large fines and even jail time. If you handle hazardous liquids on your site, you need to choose the right spill kit for the right needs. This way, you can remain sure of best practices being upheld in your workplace.

Pick the Right Spill Kit

Choosing the correct spill kit for your needs can be a daunting task. The spill kit you need will depend on the types of liquids you have on-site, as well as the location in which these liquids are stored, and the area that the spill would affect.

The size of the spill kit you need should be equal to your largest container or 25% of the total you would move on a pallet.

To help you decide what type of spill kit you need, we have a three-step process to help you make an informed decision.

Here’s What You Should Ask Yourself: 

What type of liquids do I need to absorb? 

Knowing the exact type of liquids used in your facility will help you to correctly select the right kit. Each kit has absorbent powder, mats, and socks that are specific to the type of liquid you need to absorb. Essentially, there are three types of liquid you need to absorb: Aggressive Chemicals, Non-aggressive chemicals (coolants, agricultural chemicals), and Hydrocarbons (fuels and oils). If you use the wrong absorbent on the wrong type of spill, you may even make things worse.

What’s the largest capacity I need to absorb?

A good way to determine this number is to determine the largest likely spill from your largest liquid container or holding tank. For example, if most of your liquids are stored in drums, then the largest likely spill would be 205 L or the size of the drum.

Do I need portable solutions?

In the workshop or factory, it is ideal to have a spill kit close to spill-prone areas. Butin the event of spills occurring over a wider area, wheelie bin spill kits are a portable choice, and small spill kits bags are even an option in emergencies.

The Verdict

If you ever need to speak to someone regarding which spill kit will be the best for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Spill Station. They have helped countless businesses from all industries to prevent spills by providing the best spill kits and flammable liquid storage cabinets. Whatever your spill needs may be, you can select the right spill kit for the job at https://www.spillstation.com.au/spill-kit-selector/.

In addition to carrying spill kits, Spill Station also handles other hazard solutions such as chemical storage, spill kit training, spill complaints audits, and spill kit maintenance solutions.

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