Top 5 Small Cars Under $40k

Top 5 Small Cars Under $40k

The summertime is the perfect time to buy a new car. Not only are there Car Dealers Brisbane everywhere trying to get you into their car, but gas prices are at an all-time high. But which small car is the best option for the money? 

To find out, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 small cars under $40k. From the Honda Civic to the Mazda 3, these vehicles will get you where you need to go without breaking the bank. 

  • Honda Civic

There’s never been a better time to buy a Honda Civic. The car is available at Car Dealers Brisbane in multiple trim levels and styles that allow you to find the perfect one for your needs. It also comes with several safety features, such as airbags and traction control, that make it a smart choice for those who drive frequently. 

The Honda Civic offers good fuel economy and engaging driving dynamics, making it a popular choice among drivers. So if you’re looking for a car that’s affordable and offers a lot of value for your money, the Honda Civic is the perfect option.

  • Volkswagen Golf

The Volkswagen Golf is a great small car under $40k because of its affordability, fuel efficiency, and roominess. It’s also a safe car with good safety ratings. 

As a new driver, the Volkswagen Golf is a great choice because of its simple controls and easy-to-read gauges. Additionally, the car comes standard with many features, such as air conditioning, power windows and locks, and a CD player. 

The monthly payments are also low, making the Volkswagen Golf an excellent option for those on a budget.


Top 5 Small Cars Under $40k

  • Hyundai i30

The Hyundai i30 is a great car for anyone looking for an affordable small car. With its plethora of features and low price tag, it’s the perfect choice for family trips or errands around town. 

Plus, its fuel efficiency is also stellar, so you won’t have to worry about high gas prices this year. So if you’re in the market for an affordable, reliable car, the Hyundai i30 is a perfect choice!

  • Mazda 3

If you’re looking for a compact car that offers value for your money, the Mazda 3 is a great option! It’s affordable, fuel-efficient, and comes with a lot of features, like a great sound system and a comfortable ride. 

Additionally, the Mazda 3 looks good and is a safe choice, thanks to its abundance of safety features. If you’re in the market for a small car under $40k, be sure to test out the Mazda 3!

  • Toyota Corolla

When it comes to small cars, the Toyota Corolla is hard to beat. It’s reliable, fuel-efficient, and comes in a variety of colours and styles. Additionally, one of the best things about the Toyota Corolla is that it’s not too expensive to operate. You can find Scion xB models that are just as good at a lower price point! 

So, if you’re looking for a small car that’s reliable and affordable, the Toyota Corolla is a great option.


If you’re looking for a small car that’s both affordable and reliable, you’ll love the five models listed in this blog. From the Honda Civic to the Mazda 3, each of these cars at Car Dealers Brisbane offers great value for your money. 

Plus, each one is backed by a strong manufacturer’s warranty, so you can rest assured that your investment is safe. 

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