Things to Know Before Hiring a Forklift

Forklift hire Campbellfield

Hiring a forklift is a great way to get some extra help with heavy lifting in your warehouse or factory. It can also save you money on buying expensive equipment that will just sit around most of the time if you only use it for one or two projects per year. But before you go ahead with any Forklift hire Campbellfield agreement, there are several things you should consider first.

Forklift hire Campbellfield

  • Know the load capacity you require for the machine.

The first thing to know is the load capacity you require for the machine. A forklift may be able to lift and carry a certain amount of weight depending on its design, but it doesn’t mean that all of them can support that type of load. The capacity is measured in kilograms, so if you are working with a heavy product like bricks or steel beams, make sure that your forklift has enough ability to carry this kind of weight.

If it’s going to be used outdoors where it gets exposed to harsh weather conditions then make sure that your unit has an enclosed cab as this will protect both yourself as an operator as well as other people around from any potential accidents such as slipping on wet surfaces or getting tangled up in cables located underneath platforms etcetera!

  • Choose a hire company that has the certification required for forklift hire.

As an experienced forklift operator, you know that certification is important. It’s crucial to ensure that any company or individual who hires out equipment does so legally and safely. When you hire equipment, you want a forklift operator with experience and training on how to use it safely. You also need to see proof that the hiring company has been licensed by the relevant authorities in your area. The license should be displayed at their premises or online, so make sure you ask for it before making your decision on which company to hire from.

  • Ensure you have a person trained and qualified to operate the forklift.

When it comes to operating a forklift, you must be trained and qualified. Forklift operators must be at least 18 years old and have the ability to read and understand the operator’s manual. They must also be physically fit enough to operate the forklift safely while standing or sitting in a seated position.

If you’re not sure whether you’re physically fit enough to operate a forklift, try this simple test: stand up with your feet shoulder-width apart and raise your arms above your head. If you find it difficult or impossible to keep this position with ease, then consider Forklift hire Epping service someone else who has more strength or endurance than you do.

  • Check the hire agreement carefully to ensure that all terms and conditions are clear.

Before you go ahead and hire a forklift, it is important that you read the hire agreement carefully and understand exactly what you are hiring. There may be hidden costs or restrictions on your use of the forklift that could save you money in the long run.

  • Check for any hidden costs, such as insurance and maintenance fees. Make sure that all these costs are included in what you’re paying for your rental period, otherwise they can end up costing a lot more than expected!
  • Check for any restrictions on how many hours or kilometres (or both!) that can be travelled with the forklift. If there’s no flexibility here then this might mean having to return early from where ever it was being used which could mean wasted time and money due to travel expenses incurred by doing so!

Forklift hire Campbellfield

  • You need to know whether you will be required to provide your own insurance for the forklift.

You also need to know whether you will be required to provide your own insurance for the forklift. A few things that might affect this are:

  • Whether you have a current business license, and
  • Whether you have any other insurance currently in place that may cover damages caused by the forklift (e.g., home insurance).

If you do not already have an appropriate business license or other types of coverage, then it’s likely that you will need to purchase some kind of liability coverage from the hire company or another third-party provider. You can often get this through them for a reasonable price; however, if they don’t provide it or offer it at an affordable price point—or if their plan doesn’t include sufficient coverage for your needs—then it may make sense for you to look into securing additional protection on your own from another source (such as an independent provider).


The above tips will help you make an informed decision about Forklift hire Campbellfield. As a result, you will have peace of mind in knowing that the machine is safe to operate and the hire company has met all legal requirements to ensure your safety.

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