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nitro snowboards

nitro snowboards

What are nitro snowboards?

Snowboarders have contemplated building a new kind of board that is made specifically for nitro charging. These boards are going to look different from traditional nitro snowboards because they will have no actual wood core and one of their purposes will be to create a drag force that slows the snowboard from flying off the edge. This will allow nitro snowboards to ride faster and further while also preventing them from coming back down with pretty severe injuries.

Nitro’s story

When you hear of a skier getting hurt, it’s usually not in a damaging way. But 10 years ago, that changed. In 2006, while going down a massive slope on pillows of snow, he caught an edge and suffered serious injuries. The experienced resort staff was quick to respond and prevented injury from becoming worse. This is exactly why a company needs to be prepared for any possible outcome that could occur during their operations

Nitro Awards and Festivals

Any serious snowboarder will be the first to tell you that they are just thrilled with the awards that happen throughout the year. They come out when equipment is ready, in certain seasons, with certain prizes winners can take home and enjoy. 

Creating a trend for your brand

Leading brands achieve success by starting and creating trends. Trends make products more desirable, futuristic, and functional. They give people something that they want or need in the world. Trends are like contagious ideas that stick in the minds of consumers and help them build interest in new items. For many companies, it is important to observe social media trends before starting them to set up a successful product launch.

Inspiration for your own Infographic

If you wanted to create a design for an infographic that would create interest in your board business, it may be best to look online at some of the popular infographics that have been published recently on different snowboard brands. These brands are usually public keywords and will probably inspire you with your own style when designing an infographic.

nitro snowboards

Other outdoor technology

The necessity for outdoor technology can be seen everywhere, whether it’s through hot new devices like your Kindle or through a group of friends meeting before their daily snowboarding session. Here are some more features to consider. There is a laptop tracker that automatically tracks your board so you don’t have to worry about forgetting where and if leave anything behind at the end of a long day. There are two different kinds of avalanche beacons- one that detects things from eight feet above the ground, and one that is literally buried under the snow at nine feet in height- for maximum protection when it comes to areas where avalanches happen constantly.


There are some factors that contribute to the ability of snowboards to carve because they provide you with control. Your board helps support your weight, and there’s no resistance in turn unless you want it. Nitro snowboards can enjoy a sport that feels thoughtful, gratifying, and understandable.

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