Shocking Facts About Mosquitoes Bet You Didn’t Know

Mosquito Control Cape Cod

Mosquitoes are much more than blood-sucking monsters. They have many mysteries and behaviours that might want you to go for Mosquito Control Cape Cod.

Many shocking facts about mosquitoes are there that will leave you to mind-boggling.

So let’s get started!

Mosquito Control Cape Cod

  • Mosquitoes are found of lactic acid, carbon dioxide, and octenol (present in our seat & breath). Therefore, they may bite beer drinkers more than others who don’t drink.
  • Around 3,500 species of mosquitoes are there but only a few hundred species feed on us.
  • Male mosquitoes feed on plants but females feed on human blood. So, if you have been bitten by a mosquito, it’s a female one to blame. 
  • The saliva of female mosquito contains anti-coagulant. This anti-coagulant enters the human body as the mosquito bites & the immune system responses it as an allergy. That’s the reason why you get itchy bumps after getting bitten by mosquitos. 
  • You can easily get rid of mosquitoes when the temperature is high as the insects rest in cooler places during this time of the day. 
  • Many scientists don’t consider mosquito elimination a bad thing, but some consider it a bad thing for the ecosystem as many other species such as spiders, frogs, salamander, fish, etc. might face a decrease in food resources. 
  • Every year, almost 250 million people are infected by malaria and around 1 million people are killed because of it most of which are children in Africa,
  • Both George & Martha Washington suffered from malaria. During the second year of his presidency, he went through a lot of hearing trouble because of quinine toxicity.
  • No mosquito lives longer than 2 months.
  • Mosquitoes are from the Dinosaurs era. They belong to the Triassic Period
  • Not every mosquito species feeds on humans. Some of them love to feed on animals such as frogs, and birds.
  • Mosquitoes spread Zika Virus. They bite an infected person, carries the virus with them, and infect the next uninfected person. That’s how they play a major role in spreading the Zika Virus.

The above facts conclude that hiring Mosquito Control Cape Cod or any other place is a smart move towards living a healthy and safe life.

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