Pest Control – How to Protect your AC from Pests

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In seasons when AC is idle, such as winters, pests can make it their residence and damage it completely. This may lead you to hire pest control Melbourne for getting rid of unwanted pests inside the AC. Today, you will find out how to prevent pests from damaging your AC, but before that let’s take a look at common pests in the AC system.

Pests that can intrude your AC System


You can plan for spring. One of the most common pest issue homeowners face is the crazy ants. Whenever it rains in spring ants pool up near a condenser. After getting in contact with the condenser, ants electrocute themselves and discharge an alarm pheromone. This pheromone signals other ants to clog the unit until it short circuits. You may need to replace your AC if it short circuits. However, if diagnosed earlier, professional pest control experts will treat the issue depending on your HVAC setup.


Your AC unit is less likely to have a snake(s) inside it but there are still some possibilities. They are cold-blooded reptiles and seek a close and warm place to live. They may live and breed inside your AC system by coiling up on the condenser. When you turn on the AC, the snake might get caught in condenser blades and die. This isn’t just hazardous for your AC but innocent reptile as well.

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Mice, racoons, possums, squirrels, and rats are the rodents famous for destroying HVAC systems. These rodents can chew almost anything. They will nest inside your AC system and destroy the electric wires & insulation. Apart from AC damage, these rodents have various health hazards as they can damage your respiratory system.


Wasps are the worst nightmare. You AC can be the perfect place for wasps for building hives. Eradicating wasps on your own can be difficult as well as deadly. Also, if they can build hives inside your AC, they can surely enter your home too.

Signs you have Pests in AC

  • Peeping, Skittering, or crushing sounds
  • Stinking smell
  • Elevated allergy symptoms
  • Abrupt reduction of heating or cooling
  • Animal waste inside or near the outdoor

Pest Control Melbourne

How to Protect your AC

Seal gaps

AC damage happens when pests break through the gaps. That’s why it’s important to seal all the gaps. This will not only prevent the rodents from entering your AC system but will also stop airflow through the system as well.

Call Professionals

When bugs enter your AC, it’s not something which can be handled on your own. You need professional pest help. If you have rats inside the AC or duct, call Rat Control Melbourne for complete removal. They might not kill the pests and rodents but may make your AC free from these uninvited guests.

That’s how you can protect your AC system from pests.

Wrapping Up

Not just one but any type of rodent, pest, or reptiles can make your AC their living and breeding space. You can stop that from happening by getting in touch with the leading pest control Melbourne. So find one now!

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