Maximizing Your Impact As An NDIS Registered Providera

NDIS registered providers

You’ve heard about the NDIS and its benefits for people with a disability. Now that it has arrived, you have to make sure that your organization is ready to deliver high quality services. You can do this by following steps:

Have a multi-disciplinary, multi-service approach

Providing a range of services to your clients is one way to maximize your impact as an NDIS registered providers Melbourne. Having a multi-disciplinary and multi-service approach allows you to provide care for people with complex needs, similar needs and even different needs.

It’s important that you consider the types of support required by your clients when deciding how many service streams you should offer. For example:

  • If most people need help with one specific area – such as physical activity – then it makes sense for them all to receive this type of support from one provider who specializes in physical activity programs (for example).
  • If some require assistance in more than one area – such as personal development, financial management and housing support – then having multiple providers who each specialize in those areas may be beneficial for those individuals (and their families).

Be flexible in your approach to planning, provision and funding

Flexibility is about being able to adapt to change. It’s about being innovative and creative, efficient and cost effective, responsive to people with disabilities and their families who need support.

 You may be working in a very different way from another provider or service provider – that’s fine! As long as you’re meeting the needs of people with disabilities under the NDIS scheme then it doesn’t really matter what methods you use so long as they work for them.

NDIS registered providers

Engage with the NDIS service standards and quality framework

The NDIS quality framework is an important part of the NDIS, and it’s worth getting to know it. The service standards are a set of requirements that providers must meet in order to be eligible for funding.

 The NDIS service standards cover everything from how many staff members you can have on your roster, through to what sort of equipment needs to be available at your facility, and right down to the specific qualifications that staff members should hold.

The quality framework describes how you will monitor your own performance against these requirements over time, so that you can identify any areas where improvements may be needed if they aren’t being met already (or even if they are). This makes sure that everyone who uses our services gets what they need in terms of accessibility and support – regardless of whether or not something has changed since last year!

In addition to looking at the NDIS service standards, NDIS registered providers Melbourne also need to make sure that you are complying with all of your other obligations under the NDIS. These include things like ensuring that any equipment you use is safe and appropriate for its use, as well as making sure that any staff members who work with clients have been appropriately trained in how to do so.


We hope that you have enjoyed reading this article. We know it’s a lot to take in, but we also know that if you follow these tips, your practice can become more efficient, effective and sustainable. And isn’t that what we all want?


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