Hikvision Video Intercoms – Overview

Hikvision Video Intercoms

Hikvision intercom is innovative device that works through the local network of a house, cottage village or enterprise. Includes a call panel, an IP video camera, a microphone, speakers and a keypad for dialing. The client terminal is a computer, laptop, tablet or even a smartphone. If desired, you can set up remote access and open the door from anywhere in the world.

IP video intercoms for a private home provide better sound and image transmission compared to analog ones and are easier to install by connecting to an existing home local network.

Hikvision IP intercoms are easily integrated into a smart home system, provide high image quality, and have built-in PoE switches for signal transmission over twisted pair. We also have video intercoms with a Wi-Fi module, there are models with a video compression function and memory cards for recording video and conversations. Most models are equipped with a touch screen, there are versions with the function of taking pictures and recording messages from visitors.

Advantages of IP intercoms:

  • No need for switches and stranded loops. Signals from video cameras and the call panel are transmitted via Wi-Fi or twisted pair.
  • Built-in PoE, alarm input/output.
  • Possibility of remote connection via laptop, tablet or smartphone. To do this, just install the application on the device.
  • Video recording on demand or as a result of motion detection.
  • An IP video intercom for an apartment is more expensive than an analog one, but it has a wider functionality and, in general, offers a higher picture quality.

When buying a hikvision ip intercom, you need to pay attention to several details:

All models are equipped with an internal reader. Only two brands 8003 and 8112 have a slot for an external reader. Thus, an additional function has been added to the models, which allows you to read information to open the lock not only from key fobs and cards, but also by entering a secret code.

All models are completely vandal-proof.

In such models, several doors can be connected to one calling panel for opening. This is especially convenient for private houses. With one click, you can open not only the front door, but also the gate.

Some models are protected from rain and snow. But we still advise all buyers to additionally install protective visors to prevent rain from getting on the panel buttons.

Some ip intercom panels contain a module for connecting to wi-fi. The power supply is designed for 12 V.

In some models, you can connect the monitor to the Internet.

Frequent Problems and Questions when choosing a Hikvision IP intercom:

The main problem when installing an ip-video intercom is the correct cabling around the house. Often, electricians wire the cable according to the old analog circuit, namely directly between the call and the monitor, which is not true. To connect the ip intercom system You need a twisted pair (UTP) network cable. Both devices are connected to your local network, for example, through a switch (preferably a POE switch). This issue is covered in more detail in the Support section. But you can connect the monitor and the call panel directly with a cable, however, in this case, to connect such a system to the Internet, you need to use the Hikvision video intercom ip monitor with the letter W in the modification, which means a built-in Wi-Fi module.

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