How to Create Amazing Beer Tap Badges for Your Brewery?

Beer Tap Badges

Consider creating Beer Tap Badges if you’re looking for a fun and creative way to brand your brewery. These badges are small metal plates that attach to the taps of your kegerators and beer dispensers. They’re a great way to show off your brand and give customers a little taste of your personality. 

Why beer tap badges are important for your brewery?

Tap badges are a way for breweries to communicate the story and flavor of their beer. They are also a way for breweries to show off their brand personality and style. Most importantly, they help customers make decisions about what beer to order. With such a wide variety of beers available, tap badges can help simplify the process and provide some guidance for the customer.

How to create a great design for your beer tap badge?

When it comes to designing your beer tap badge, think about what will make your badge stand out. There are a few key things to consider:

-Your logo: This is the most important part of your badge, as it will be the first thing people see. Make sure it’s clear and easy to read and that it represents your brewery well.

-Font choice: Choose a font that’s easy to read and will match the rest of your branding. Sans serif fonts are generally a good choice for badges.

-Layout: The layout of your badge should be simple and clean, with plenty of space for your logo and text.

-Colors: Use colours that match your branding, and make sure they’ll stand out against the background.

What materials to use for your beer tap badge?

There are quite a few options to choose from when it comes to materials. You can go for a metal badge with a resin-coated finish for a glossy look or etched brass or copper. If you’re looking for something more subtle, opt for anodised aluminium—it comes in different colours and can be etched or printed with your design. There are also many different types of wood that you can use, such as maple, rosewood or walnut. Whatever material you choose, make sure the badge is durable and will last through frequent use.

beer tap badges

How to attach your beer tap badge to the tap?

Now that your beer tap badge is designed and printed, it’s time to attach it to the tap. This is a very simple process, but it’s important to ensure everything is secure. The easiest way to do this is to use a strong adhesive like industrial Velcro or screws. Make sure the badge is centred on the tap and that there’s enough space around the edges, so it won’t get in the way of the beer flow. You also want to ensure the badge is completely flat against the tap so there are no air bubbles or gaps. If you’re using adhesive, wait for it to fully dry before using the tap again.

How to promote your beer tap badge?

There are a few different ways to promote your beer tap badge. You can start by creating a social media campaign that includes images and/or videos of your badges in use. You can also hand out badge stickers to people who visit your brewery or post about your beer on social media. Another great way to get the word out is by using badge tie-ins with local bar events or food festivals. Whatever route you choose, make sure you have a great design that will really stand out and grab people’s attention!


A well-designed beer tap badge can help increase brand awareness and recognition for your brewery. Using quality materials and a clever design, you can create a badge that will impress customers and help your brewery stand out from the competition.

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